ZED451, Chicago

By | May 07, 2019

ZED451, Chicago

I find it noteworthy BTC keeps hanging around five-month highs despite the news this week being unambiguously bad. First, we had the Trump Tweet on China trade (see stocks), then next we had a $40 million hack at Binance (and a quick announcement to refund the losses by CZ). Hacks like Mt. Gox or the mysterious, unresolved lost QuadrigaCX keys have previously left an indelible mark on digital assets, and yet the market is taking the Binance theft in stride.

I don’t want to make price predictions; I don’t do that. But I just write down in a trading journal something like this: Trump-Tweet News (Bad); Market Reaction (Mixed to Positive); Binance-Hack News (Bad); Market Reaction (Mixed to Positive). When I look back at my journal from December it read like this: BCH-Fork News (Bad); Market Reaction (Terrible); SEC-Clawbacks (Bad); Market Reaction (Horrendous). Please do your own research & good luck with your crypto journaling.

This is yesterday at ZED451 in Chicago.

Meet Robert Salvador of DigiBuild, a project dedicated to bringing blockchain to the construction industry. There’s my dear friend from Fenwick & CBOT Peter Nowicki. Colorado Pete is working on a conservation-friendly digital-gold transaction in Nome, Alaska. Love that. And 4Rev’s very own Varun Sehgal.

Good times.

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