Wretched Monday Morning Price Action in Cryptos

By | Dec 03, 2018

Wretched Monday Morning Price Action in Cryptos

All you can see is red. On Twitter, you see lots of comments about “steep discounts”. Why do people feel the need to blindly shill. It’s more balanced on LinkedIn. Anyways, cryptos are falling fast.

I guess we may soon learn if there are stop-loss orders placed at or below the lows of the year. You see this often in traditional markets. A stop-loss order is an order to sell a quantity if it trades a certain price. Someone might say “If BTC prints $3,400 – get me out.” When a lot of people do this at once you sometimes get a vacuum effect. If the market shows stability at the bottom, it can be positive. Not financial advice. DYOR.

I chuckled this morning because I learned 1 of my projects “won” a big crypto award. Wow – cool. And for $3k, they’d write a big story about the team. You know, like The GodFather Marlon Brando says: “I never judge how a man makes money”. But these paid ad sites are a scourge in my mind. Sorry – that’s harsh. But they really only serve one purpose and that is to deceive and mislead. You really gotta be careful what you read. And find out if it’s a paid promotion. FYI: I have several clients in the space but I never write about them or mention them in a promotional manner because it’s against SEC rules.

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