Winners Perservere

By | Apr 12, 2019

Winners Perservere

Show me a person who hasn’t faced adversity in business or life, and I’ll show you a pretender.

I had the distinct honor & true pleasure this morning to meet Eran Eyal through my friend Lane Campbell. Eran is CEO of Shopin – an A.I. apparel juggernaut in the making. I don’t care what’s been written or said in the past about me. So I’m hardly concerned about flak uninformed naysayers whisper about my friends. Strong individuals are redeemed by their ability to bounce back and win over and over again defeat setbacks. As Eran told me: “Last year was tough. But it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m a better person because of it.”

Imagine fashion trends over the past 50 years – runway models, Paris shows, anything by Prada. Imagine the next 50: terabytes of data pouring over computer-generated images picking your wardrobe for you based on personal preferences and the latest style. It’s like Moneyball for clothing: scouts are out; number crunching is in.

Shopin, and Eran, reminds me of the parable of Michael Milken, the infamous junk bond king of Drexel Burnham Lambert. That’s a dramatic example but the story line is pretty much the same: rise, fall, redemption. Too many get knocked down & stay down because it’s too painful to get back up.

Winners persevere; move on.

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