Will Ethereum Win on Sheer Numbers

By | Mar 10, 2019

Will Ethereum Win on Sheer Numbers

From reports: “ETH has the most developers working on its base protocol of all cryptocurrencies, not counting community project developers. Per the post, the company fingerprinted over 20,000 code repositories and 16 million commits to obtain data, which reveals that on average 216 developers contribute code to ETH repositories every month.”

(Nods approvingly; unsure why.)

Fascinating. Or is it. The US & USSR waged endlessly to stockpile armaments – build as many as fast as you can was the idea. We won; they went broke.

At Gettysburg, both sides lost almost an identical number of casualties; Lee had 25,000 fewer troops. #Turningpoint

Trump had fewer votes than HRC but won; the electoral college is the score that mattered. In “Moneyball” we learned baseball is a war of attrition. Starting-pitcher arms are the thing managers always seek to attrite; or wear down.

I’d be lying if I told you I knew how to keep score in crypto. I’m open to the notion this ETH “news” (which is already widely known) means something but also aware large numbers of development teams can yield unspectacular results. There’s a reason, after all, Google effectively marks their VC holdings at near zero.

Crypto needs a Jonah Hill to give us some levity – and direction.

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