What is Disruption?

By | Oct 30, 2018

What is Disruption?

“We have no office, we have no bank account, and we have users from 180 different countries.” CZ from Binance on a blockchain panel today.

I don’t know if this is hyperbole or he is simply kidding. Can’t tell.

Binance doesn’t have a bank account? OK, let’s just start there. That literally has to be the most preposterous and simply ludicrous thing I have read all year. Danske Bank is guilty of laundering hundreds of billions of dollars in dirty money, while Wells Fargo routinely sets up fictitious accounts for their clients. These, ladies and gentlemen, are banks. And Binance doesn’t have a bank account? Is that by choice or being blackballed? That’s astonishing, either way.

Meantime, they have no office and they have clients in virtually every single country in the world. When you step back and look at this it is remarkable how far and how fast Binance has blossomed. CZ worked at OKex only a couple of years ago I just found out. Now he’s presiding over one of the fastest growing companies in the global blockchain ecosystem.

Binance isn’t “Too Big To Fail” but they’ve pretty darned important.

When I’m in Malta this week I’m looking into this “no office” comment. Did they really move to Malta to work from home?

Man, the world is changing so fast.

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