Welcome to “Blockchain Island”, Malta

By | Oct 31, 2018

Welcome to “Blockchain Island”, Malta

Our motto is “We’re Going to Disintermediate Everything”. Now, if you can kindly join the queue your taxi will be ready for you in two hours.

Ah, cutting edge fintech ideas in conflict with backwards European socialist business practices.

You see, you have to buy a ticket to get a licensed taxi – so the state and local jurisdiction can take their cut, naturally.

I’ve seen this act too many times before in airports all around the world.

Hey, look: there is a big guy, slightly bald standing idly swinging car keys in his hand. Direct eye contact. “Taxi?”

“Let’s go.” I offer him $60 which is way too much but I can see the cab stand line is a good 90 minutes. I’ve been on the road for 24 hours. “Tony” is my savior tonight.

Blockchain could solve a lot of problems including a byzantine transportation system.

The flight in was classic as two huge crypto geeks talked cold storage the entire way. “Treasury management” also dominated parts of the conversation. ‘Treasury management’ is code word these days for: do not leave all of your money in Ethereum.

Kids trick or treat at the airport in Malta. That’s a first. The conference starts tomorrow and I am excited to see if any big announcements come out of this event. I expect a few doozies.

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