Vinny’s, Home of the Monthly Chicago Crypto Meetup

By | Apr 10, 2019

Vinny’s, Home of the Monthly Chicago Crypto Meetup

There’s a monthly crypto meetup in Chicago at Vinny’s on Canal Street that’s bursting at the seams as we speak. The thing I find of note is there is no one talking about the Alphabet Soup of ICOs, IEOs. Well, let me take that back: there are my good friends at Beaxy and a few other local projects like Hxro. And that’s great. But if just feels different than the scene I found last year as I spanned the globe on the Magical Mystery Alt-Coin Tour. It’s like watching the kids grow from the early years to adolescence. I dunno: the industry is maturing, becoming more transactional and business like. It will always have that unique decentralization charm, I hope, but when you talk to the SJMX, Athena, DBL, ErisX, Omnium et al crowds, it feels like you’re at a prime brokerage convention sponsored by UBS – not a pitch competition at UCLA. And I have to say net-net I think this is as inevitable and positive as it is welcome and fortuitous.

Change is a good thing. And this blockchain ecosystem is evolving as fast as anything I’ve been a part of. On that note: enterprise blockchain is coming to a board room near you. My phone is ringing off the hook: “Can you put me in touch with a blockchain developer? We have a client with cash.” This is funny because ostensibly this isn’t even what I do.

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