Two Women Winning

By | Apr 09, 2019

Two Women Winning

The artist in the black blazer is Josephine Bellini. If you squint you can see images of top crypto coins in the backdrop of her stunning artwork – designed for ErisX, a Chicago exchange with big plans.

Her sidekick here is my dear friend Kathleen Reilly. Kathleen created my 4Rev website. I once asked her: “Since you’re so into blockchain & crypto, why not pursue it as a career?”

Fast forward. Kathleen just announced the launch of a blockchain incubator and equity seed fund called Omnium: she’s the toast of the town and a new rising star in the burgeoning global blockchain ecosystem. Risk capital is sorely missing from the space after a wretched year of unruly price action.

Omnium sends a powerful message successful capital-markets traders who dominated the options space for decades are moving confidently onto the Next Big Thing for a reason: they believe in it; and they still they think they’re early.

Awesomeness comes in all shapes & sizes, and the contours of Omnium are only starting to take place now. There will be bumps and twists in the road; there always are.

Finding and nurturing an ecosystem of developers and entrepreneurs fomenting change ain’t for the feint of heart. But rest assured Ms. Reilly is up for the challenge.

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