Trump National Address and The Mexico Wall

By | Jan 08, 2019

Trump National Address and The Mexico Wall

President Trump begins his national address momentarily on the Wall he wants to build on the southern border with Mexico. Traditionally, Oval Office addresses have been associated with a national crisis like D-Day, Bay of Pigs, 9-11. There have been some forgettable ones, too: the Lewinsky scandal to name but one. The Mexico Wall debate is a metaphor for a lot of things: fear, rural America, change. Not even a generation ago Democrats were tough on border security but apparently protecting our borders is now a terrible idea. My wife, born in Ukraine and someone who took 10 years to gain US citizenship, asks me: “What country in the world doesn’t protect its borders from illegal immigration?” Her family wanted to leave the Soviet Union for decades but couldn’t escape. I lived in Australia and thought about extending my work visa without approval; I could have landed in jail had I done so. Are borders still relevant? If yes, why not protect them. When I was a kid there were strictly 2 genders; now there are 3. Or are there more. I’m pretty open-minded; is “gender” even a thing anymore. What about money. If there are no more borders and no genders, can the concept of money also change in my lifetime. A lot of other things seems to be changing all around me – what about this one.
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