TRON Moving up from 10th Place

By | Jan 27, 2019

TRON Moving up from 10th Place

TRON is making noise while overall crypto markets are dead quiet. Up almost 25% for the week while its peers are listless, TRON conceivably could go from 10th to 5th in a few days if the trend continues. Please do your own research; this is not financial advice.

Every coin has a spiritual leader & TRON does too: Justin Sun. Mr. Sun – yet to reach the age of 30 – is a protege of Alibaba’s Jack Ma. Like a lot of crypto chieftains, he’s not afraid to battle with his nemeses, namely Vitalik Buterin of Ethereum.

Mr. Sun said in December the next wave of crypto “is not going to be built on hype” – a clear swipe at Mr. Buterin. The TRON leader maintained “massive adoption dapps” would win the day, to which Vitakik simply replied: “Anyone who puts a dollar sign followed by a ticker symbol in their tweet is basically a self-identified shill and not worth listening to”.

It occurred to me twenty-something crypto billionaires are actually, generally speaking, more civil to one another than our president and speaker of the house, but I digress.

Regardless, since their holiday spat TRON is up 134% as other coins like ETH have languished. TRON is not on Coinbase so it’s a little bit outside my orbit but you have to imagine a Top 5 coin (sorry, XRP) will gain global access everywhere soon.

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