TRON Leapfrogging Competition

By | Jun 01, 2019

TRON Leapfrogging Competition

TRON jumped over Stellar & Cardano into the Top 10. In terms of global importance, this is nothing. Even in crypto and blockchain it doesn’t mean much. But it begs a question when it comes to branding; is branding necessary; is it something that moves the dial; and, if yes, what’s the best way to proceed.

Quick question: who’s the face of Cardano; dunno. Who’s the face of Stellar; unsure. Who’s the face or TRON. Oh, that’s easy: Justin Sun. Coincidence – or maybe not.

Bitcoin Cash has Roger Ver; Bitcoin has Satoshi; Binance Coin has CZ; Ethereum has Vitalik & Lubin. Anyone notice a pattern here. Microsoft had Gates; Google has Sergei & Larry; Amazon has Mr. Bezos. That last part was in case you missed the earlier parallels.

So what does this mean for coins and projects with nameless, faceless leaders. Time to rethink the approach. On one hand you don’t simply want to chase just to chase. But come on; this personal branding is pretty hard to ignore.

Sometimes the answer to the question matters less than the question itself: if you think you can get a jump on the competition by branding your firm in the image and likeness of your seemingly-immortal leader, why aren’t you doing it. Putting a face on your brand poses risks, naturally, but leaving one off very may well, too. Pick.

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