Trading Show in Chicago, Navy Pier

By | May 08, 2019

Trading Show in Chicago, Navy Pier

With Kathleen Reilly & Varun Sehgal. This blockchain incubator idea is percolating like crazy. There is a ton of momentum on all sides: fin-tech, crypto and blockchain folks need a coherent, structured ecosystem that has tech, legal, compliance, the right people and culture, and let’s not forget…capital.

I’m not in the prediction business but when you look up in 2-3 years and see 300+ women and men working side-by-side in a productive manner with a P&L attached to it, you won’t need to ask yourself: “Where the heck did that come from.”

I have to say it’s almost an odd feeling to run into vendors and panelists at the trade conference and ask them if they’re in crypto, hear them say “No”, and then watch the look on Kathleen and Varun’s faces; they’re both like: “Dude.”

Top projects are custody solutions. Decentralized brokerage models & high-speed connectivity. There are any number of dazzling options in the market & everyone kind of has the same “position” on – we are all synthetically long bitcoin, whether people realize it or are willing to admit it. If you’re in the blockchain & crypto space, you’re making a statement about digital assets that could backfire. So long as you recognize that at least you won’t need to profess shock.

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