Trading Show Day 2

By | May 09, 2019

Trading Show Day 2

This is from yesterday at The Trading Show at Navy Pier, Chicago

In the photo is my colleague Kevin Anderson, Achille (the world’s best laptop holder) Raakhee Miller and Achille & Raakhee’s Bitsian colleague. (I lost my business cards; apologies for not getting names right.)

Let’s talk about bitsian.

OK: the executive team hails from Goldman; gives you an idea the caliber of the squad. What problem are they disrupting? A lack of liquidity in crypto markets. I won’t lie: I’ve bought $1,000 in a small alt-coin and watched the market move 20% on my tiny order. As they in Quito: “Ay carramba. Es una problema.”

That’s where bitsian comes in: they pool I think a dozen or more exchanges together into one spot to give you – the client & customer – a better price. Fantastico. When I traded US Treasury futures there was one place to trade them: CME. It’s great that there are 49,768 crypto exchanges worldwide and millions more to come. Yeah, decentralization.

And then the adults show up. And usher in a new era of sophistication, advanced technology, margin, leverage, settlement procedures and professionalism. Everyday I read about how institutions are coming to crypto. And this is why: trust is being built and organizations are forming that know how to get the job done. Like bitsian.

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