Trading Buddy Breaks Silence

By | May 16, 2019

Trading Buddy Breaks Silence

My old trading buddy Bret Rosenthal weighs  in after months of silence: “What a rally.”. That pretty much says it all.

Just in the last hour we have come off recent highs to take a long-overdue breather but no one’s complaining. This meteoric rise is a wake up to shorts & those on the sidelines, and a jolt of life to those who had the courage to stick around when chaos erupted in the grim, unforgiving year of 2018.

The most impressive aspect of this burst higher is the comprehensive nature of it all. Virtually every single coin is participating in price gains & benefiting from the improved sentiment. Please do your own research; investing in digital assets pose substantial risks. This is not financial advice.

I missed the party tonight hosted by Raakhee Miller & her fellow colleagues at Bitsian as I had to get home after four days on the road but I must say the overall congeniality of the Consensus crowd was very special. There’s a fair amount of infighting and bickering on social media in the crypto space but in my experience, the people I’ve met have been pretty darn cool almost without exception. If you have never been to a blockchain event and have always wanted to go, look at coming to NYC next spring. I know I’ll be back and all are welcome. Fresh faces are the best kind.

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