This Picture Brings Me Great Joy

By | Jan 08, 2019

This Picture Brings Me Great Joy

As you may know, I have a strict “zero shill” policy. I never shill for coins, and even though I have several clients in the blockchain and crypto space, I don’t talk about them much, either. There are lots of reasons for this, but mainly because I am not comfortable with it. I will shill about friendship and trust, though. Daniel Gouldman and Ian Kane are two guys I stumbled upon on my “Crypto Never Sleeps” 2018 World Tour and they’ve been kind enough take Stavros Lazos and I into the Ternio fold. As I said, I didn’t come here to talk about business; I came to talk about something else: giving people a chance to contribute. You know, unless you’ve actually owned a business – and I’m guessing most people haven’t had that experience- you can’t imagine the trust you have to have in someone to put them on your team. It’s a big responsibility; a big cost; all kinds of things can wrong – and quite frankly, they often do. I had a wonderful opportunity to be an employer for a long time so I know what courage – yes, courage – it takes to hire someone. So thanks to these two outstanding young lads for giving Stav & I a chance to make an impact on the Ternio family. This photo is almost 2 months old but it feels like yesterday. I can’t wait for tomorrow.
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