The Old "Gray Lady" – She’s Seen Better Days

By | Jan 06, 2019

The Old "Gray Lady" – She’s Seen Better Days

The most tone deaf person in America isn’t Donald Trump – but Jill Abramson, the former New York Times editor-in-chief. What an embarrassment. And let me preface this by saying I’ve been a lifelong reader of the New York Times. I read it religiously every single day for 2-3 decades. Somewhere along the way I kinda stopped. Now I know why. Ms. Abramson in an email: “I’m talking mostly about loaded headlines, analysis pieces that are full of opinion, and the sheer number of critical pieces about Trump running simultaneously in the pages of the news report as being unmistakably anti-Trump.” The Times is no longer a newspaper. It’s no longer the “first rough draft of history”. It’s just another cheap rag trying to make a quick buck. It’s to the Left what Fox News is to the Right: biased, opinionated and more concerned with promoting their own agenda instead of reporting “just the facts”. Hilariously – and hypocritically I might add – Ms. Abramson goes on to tell us how she “reveres” the Times. Why? Because they violate their readers trust, because the current leadership has ruined the Ochs Sulzberger legacy, or because it’s easier to call yourself a journalist when you’re simply an agent of the Democratic Party doing the dirty work? The old “Gray Lady” – she’s seen better days.
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