The Network Effect. Uh huh

By | Feb 01, 2019

The Network Effect. Uh huh

I traded yield curve so long you get imbued or inculcated with a certain mindset; it’s a way of life. You hear things like “network effect” and you find yourself wondering: “Who are these cliche masters who sit around dreaming up fanciful terms? Do they wear suits to work or jeans? Is the view nice?”

Granted, the Network Effect presently in blockchain is at a nadir but cycles come and go. We live in the Information Age where anything is a Google search away. Airline ticket? Expedia. Sushi in San Fran? Yelp. Capital of Kyrgyzstan – Alexa.

But what if you need real information based on human judgement: a (trustworthy) securities attorney in Taipei; a (veteran) blockchain developer with a gaming background, an exchange, OTC broker, accountant. Debit card. Lending platform.

Everyone for themselves is so…2015. I see projects of all sizes forming alliances, collaborating, “opening the kimono” as Burt says. It’s a goofy expression but gets the point across.

One plus one equals three. Or ten. See, that’s what people don’t see when they obsess – as I often do – over is BTC up, down, unchanged.

The more you give, the more you get.

It’s the darndest thing: embrace the multiplier effect of the global network for sharing; or go it alone. Choose wisely.

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