The Midterm Elections Are Today

By | Nov 06, 2018

The Midterm Elections Are Today

You know what’s funny: the inverse relationship between the love-him, hate-him Trump views – exactly no one is neutral – and the number of people who actually go to the polls. Not too many. As the president says.

But it’s not too late: plenty of time to get out the vote. It’s the most crucial right you are afforded in a democracy – use it.

The rhetoric leading up to the election has been awful. All fall I’ve been saying when the voting is done, Trump will flip with a slew of trade deals. He talks a big, nasty game on trade but deep down he’s a salesman at heart and realizes the vital importance of selling American goods abroad – which comes at a price. He’ll be out shilling again like none of the trade comments are his by tomorrow morning.

The twin-headed rally of both BCH & XRP is turning heads. ETH is also getting in the act, though less so. But the party can’t get started in full force until the number 1 coin in the world proves its resilience once again. It’s a mystery to me (and others, apparently) how the “Great Wall at $6,500” has become the immovable fortress which we cannot seem to climb. Keynes said “markets can stay irrational longer than you can remain solvent.” In this case, boredom is becoming the real underlying issue.

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