The Great Dwayne Wade

By | Apr 09, 2019

The Great Dwayne Wade

If you need a good cry, watch this video tribute of the great Dwayne Wade, basketball icon & legendary citizen.

I have a favorite story about young DWade. One of the kids from my neighborhood made it onto the DePaul basketball team as a walk-on. When he was there, he got to play with Quentin Richardson, who was Mr. Basketball as an Illinois high schooler and played in the NBA for 13 seasons. “Q” was one of the top-rated players who ever came out of Chicago – and that’s a long list: Isaiah; Aguirre; Benji Wilson; Tim Hardaway; Antoine Walker; Garnett; and way too many others to name here.

Richardson told his DePaul head coach Pat Kennedy: “You gotta give Wade a scholarship. He’s the best player I’ve ever played against.” And he’d scrimmaged, mind you, with Jordan.

Kennedy said he’s too small; he’ll never make an impact at the next level. Q told Kennedy: “This decision will cost you your job.” It did.

Wade went onto NBA glory, championship rings, and as this moving tribute attests to, never forgot who he was.

Or where he came from – a poor neighborhood where murder rates are as high as anywhere in the county; indeed, he lost a pregnant cousin to a stray bullet a few years ago.

All of us can give back in some way. Wade is bigger than basketball, we see here. It can be done. #3

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