The Fog Bowl of 1988

By | Jan 06, 2019

The Fog Bowl of 1988

The Fog Bowl between the Chicago Bears & Philadelphia Eagles on December 31, 1988 is easily the nuttiest sporting event I ever attended. Bummed out we couldn’t see the game from out seats – no one could – we (Dulls, Teddy, Sluby) did what came naturally to us – we went on the sidelines. And almost onto the field. A Chicago Police Officer told us, after kicking us off the Bears bench twice earlier in the game: “If I see any of your faces again today, you’re spending the night in jail.” We got started early that day; it was New Year’s Eve and we were 20. What do you expect. The Bears won the game and I’ll be rooting for a repeat performance. Walter Payton is playing football somewhere in heaven, and now I have a dog that goes by his name: “Payton” or better yet “Sweetness”. We could use his help today as the defending Super Bowl champs won’t go lightly. It’s cloudy today in Chicago but nothing like that insane, glorious, ridiculous day 30 years ago almost to the day. Nothing unites this city like football and if the Bears bring home a winner tonight more than a few young souls will likely call in sick tomorrow. All sports fans are superstitious but the prevailing mood around town is the Bears will get the job done. Jordan Howard – give us your best Sweetness impersonation, baby.
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