“The Chicago Crypto Trading Show”

By | May 06, 2019

“The Chicago Crypto Trading Show”

It’s not too late, friends, to jump on a plane and come to Chicago this week for the curiously-named event known as simply “The Trading Show”. Now, that’s not a terrible name, but how about “The Chicago Crypto Trading Show”. That’s better (and I kid). But look who’s speaking, attending, hobnobbing across town at Navy Pier all day Wednesday and Thursday (and this is not a comprehensive list; only a partial rendering): Toby L. Asher Corson Jeff Dorman, CFA Lou Kerner Daniel Gunsberg Juan M. Hernandez Peter Johnson Katherine May CAMS, CFE Rumi Morales

People, get off your cell phones. Get out of your empty Telegram chat rooms. Come to this event, for crying out loud. This is not a paid shill or advertisement, comrades. And our entire, nice team from DrawBridge Lending will be out in full force.

Come shake hands with Jason Urban Jason O’Reilly Thomas Anderson Kevin Anderson. Find out why DBL is the preferred lender of choice for digital-assets in the institutional, accredited, eligible-contract participant space. You read this weekend Fidelity will launch their crypto platform in a “few weeks”. This will be only btc, reportedly, to start with but any way you slice it there’s an inexorable push towards crypto assets developing globally. Come to “The Trading Show” to meet experts.

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