Tether Back to Parity

By | Nov 03, 2018

Tether Back to Parity

In other news, Tether is back to parity at a buck. You gotta give them credit: for a while it looked like the stable coin concept were a mirage. It felt like the bottom would fall out – but it’s held in & stormed back. hashtag#Impressive

All in all, the Malta visit has been a big success. One of the oldest tenets of business is you have to do face to face meetups once in a while. Your work relationship can only advance so far via text, email, Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram.

Trust is earned, built, established when you meet someone in person. The caliber of talent in blockchain is immense. This year’s crop of ICOs is mostly over and so far – and let’s be honest – there have too many duds. It’s incumbent on next year’s class to learn the mistakes of this year’s failures & fix them.

No doubt the general market malaise hurt, too, but it goes deeper: ICOs need MVPs, a substantial network & value prop; they need to be smaller; and the reliance on white-paper “ideas” has got to go.

Build a business with solid technology that disrupts a problem with creative incentives; focus on governance and board structure and make darn sure your legal docs are perfect. Blockchain & crowdfunding aren’t going away any time soon. There will be plenty to do and many projects in coming years will be gangbusters.

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