Telegram Chat Rooms Picking Back Up

By | Jan 03, 2019

Telegram Chat Rooms Picking Back Up

Suddenly, long dead Telegram chat rooms are coming back to life. I’d left nearly all of them and “Just when you thought you were out, they pull you back in.”

We’ve seen Google searches for “Bitcoin” are highly correlated to the price of digital assets. Someone put in a call to the Russian spies policing all those Telegram chat rooms and find out what’s going on. Mr. President? (C’mon that’s only a joke.) The topic de jour is: “When will the coin I bought land on an exchange?” The answer, almost uniformly is: “Soon”.

Soon is one of those words that has many meanings: it alternatively means “within seconds”; “tomorrow”; or “an hour before a cold day in hell”. I don’t have a crystal ball but something tells me the third option will be the chosen one until and unless the market rebounds.

I was pretty neutral about stocks and the economy as the year wound to a close. And per typical, I look to be pretty much dead wrong. People are calling for Tim Cook’s head at Apple. This is like waiving Tom Brady if he doesn’t carry the Patriots to their 24th Super Bowl in as many years. The odds of a hiccup grow as markets assume more volatile conditions. These Telegram chat rooms had kind of been written off as a joke last year as cryptos tumbled but people seem to be reappearing for a reason.

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