Technology is on a March

By | Dec 06, 2018

Technology is on a March

I won’t win any awards as a photographer but I couldn’t resist snapping this picture. Smack dab in the middle of this photo is a device known as a “pay phone”. Believe it or not, these were life savers back in the day. You’d almost run to them when you’d see one. They’d put you back in touch with friends, colleagues, loved ones.

Technology is on the march and nothing can stop it. Joe Lubin was out today saying don’t worry about price: Ethereum applications are booming. I’m at a disadvantage because so many of the intricacies of blockchain escape me. I think I was the last person I know to get a cell phone, after all.

But the sweep of history doesn’t lie. I’m old enough to have seen enough cycles to realize once the pendulum starts to swing, it moves fast. And it doesn’t always come back. For cryptos it’s been a failed year due to the fact adoption has stalled. The comparison coming to my mind is the slow penetration of online retail sales in the early 2000s. One look at Amazon’s stock price reminds you that train has permanently left the station.

Maybe this will all fizzle out completely. It’s not inconceivable you know: Betamax is gone. Napster. MySpace. The question on my mind is when will see a breakthrough. And how can we be sure we won’t miss it.

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