Subdued Price Action in Crypto

By | Dec 02, 2018

Subdued Price Action in Crypto

I can’t speak for anyone else but I’ll take “subdued” over “gut wrenching” any day of the week.

Ledger, which makes crypto wallets, says despite the year-long pullback sales are fine. “I’m happy to report Black Friday ’18 was almost on par with Black Friday ’17,” Pascal Gauthier, president of Ledger, told Jen Wieczner of Yahoo Finance.

Anecdotally, I still see interest, too. It’s funny I had two buddies reach out this week to ask my views on various coins; this hardly ever happens. Coincidentally, both people wanted to know comparatively what I thought of Ethereum. One wanted to know if he should buy BTC or ETH; the other wanted views on Eth & Ethereum Classic. I gently reminded them my “efforts” this year with crypto trading performance leave more than a little left to be desired; they both replied “DYOR!” and with that I divulged my thoughts.

What I find significant is in both cases these confidantes said they are looking for long-term investments. “I’m buying some coins; throwing them on a wallet; and checking back in five years.”  When you’re an attorney, doctor, dad/mom, student, it’s pretty tough to watch price action day in day out. Allocating a modest sum of capital to cryptos seems to be a trend that’s still a “thing”. Who knows.

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