Spring is Here

By | May 07, 2019

Spring is Here

Bitcoin is knocking on the door at $6k & is close to having doubled in price in 5 months as the narrative is drastically changed in a matter of months.

In 2018, the crypto world waited on pins & needles for “adoption”, which never came, and in 2019 that’s apparently just what they’ll get as Fidelity, the New York Stock Exchange, TD Ameritrade and Etrade are all reportedly in various stages of announcing their formal digital-asset offerings “soon”.

If you had a baseball team and you inserted the names “Ruth, Aaron, Mantle, Mays” into the lineup you’d likely see the Vegas line move in similar fashion.

5 months ago bitcoin was getting ready to die, according to some. And today in increasing fashion more and more people I talk to say the same thing: “Digital assets – specifically bitcoin – are here to stay.” The CFTC approval of Ethereum futures is the type of regulatory approval sending a powerful message to investors that a “level playing field” is being set. Lanre Sarumi please don’t be upset🤠.

It’s pretty clear, by now, there will be ups and downs on the road ahead so there’s no reason to pretend something can’t occur to set things back again. Almost assuredly there will be back dark todays ahead. But today the crypto sun is shining.

Spring is here.

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