Spirits High Despite Rain and Bearish Market

By | Oct 31, 2018

Spirits High Despite Rain and Bearish Market

Even on a rainy night in Malta, spirits weren’t dampened as evidenced by the photobombing of my portrait with podcast celebrity Nazareth Qarbozian (hat).

The guy in the middle is singlehandedly putting Canadian pot into the crypto-sphere. I have no idea what his name is but I wanna say he told me they’re turning down investments of less than seven figures.

NINA KAPLAN arrived safely as did Simon Rikmenspoel. Poor Simon is checking into his hotel at 3 AM. Work-wise Simon is building a gig economy platform & in theory I’m supposed to be helping him but he’s doing fine on his own.

I met some Ukrainian guys building the “PayPal of cryptos”. They call themselves “SEC”. I tell them this is an unfortunate coincidence. They have no idea why I’d say this. But I speak some Ukrainian so they love me, anyways.

I’m dying to come to one of these things in a bull market. They ain’t bad in a bear market – actually, they’re a lot of fun – but my guess is the decibel level is dialed up a few notches when money is flowing.

The star pupils went to bed early so they could take copious notes on the latest ins and outs of up and coming projects. Slackers like me closed Hugo’s Wine & Cheese, Hugo’s Sports Bar, and Hugo’s Late Night in successive order – on the hour – before calling it a night.

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