Sophia’s 9th Benihana Birthday

By | Apr 07, 2019

Sophia’s 9th Benihana Birthday

Some things never get old, and Benihana’s is one of them. For Sophia’s 9th birthday; she’s the shy one.

This crypto-rallying is another thing that will never get old for enthusiasts, either. It’s been the best week in ages; both sentiment and trading account balances alike seem on the mend.

We’re at a critical juncture technically. Ethereum is back to $180 and this level takes on added significance in that last fall some of the biggest luminaries in the space – Lubin, Novogratz, Lee – all threw down the gauntlet when the market temporarily bottomed here. But you all bought your tickets and saw the movie, er train wreck, and there’s no spoiler alert here; the crypto market collapsed into the holidays and ETH fell to $80 and the digital-asset world looked like it would come to an end.

I’ve felt this $180 ETH level was hugely important; I never took for granted we’d ever return; who can say. But, alas, we’re back. It’s been an arduous journey and these markets are two-sided. No one can be blamed for hitting the snooze button or jumping ship. It was rough. If you haven’t been paying attention for moths no one will blame you. It’s been like The English Patient – the only movie I slept entirely through. Wake up; the patient is breathing. They’re bringing out the cake.

Please DYOR.

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