Some Fine Journalist at The Block

By | Feb 07, 2019

Some Fine Journalist at The Block

I wanted to give a long overdue shout out to the fine journalists at The Block, led by Mike Dudas.

I don’t audit what I read, per se, but I’d estimate I learn more from The Block each day than any other industry news site there is. If it’s not my top news source, it’s pretty close. I’ve never met this team personally. And this isn’t a paid shill. One thing I can tell you about The Block is they don’t muck around in the paid-shill cesspool. No way.

This is a hard-nosed staff of reporters & editors. They take a page from my hero, the late Mike Royko of the Chicago Tribune as “Equal Opportunity Offenders”. That may not sound like high praise – but to Royko it was a badge of honor.

The main stream media just hasn’t gotten into the full swing of blockchain and cryptos yet. That’s not a criticism; it’s a fact. Even the top media outfits only give the industry a passing glance.

The Block gives the space it’s undivided attention. This resource they put out here is an example of their teamwork & eagerness to educate. The Block holds everyone accountable – and this is a good thing. They have fun, too. Senior Correspondent Frank Chaparro will veer from a Gemini scoop to online dating with aplomb. I appreciate the candor, insights & humor. Lord knows they’re all working plenty hard, too.

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