Senator Bob Dole Saluting Former President

By | Dec 04, 2018

Senator Bob Dole Saluting Former President

Senator Bob Dole saluting former President George HW Bush, lying in state at the US Capitol. Mr. Dole summoned the strength and courage to rise from his wheelchair to give his valedictory salute.

This photo has national, historical significance – and is a small chapter in my own family history.

You’ll notice he’s using the “wrong” hand; this is because he nearly lost his right arm in World War II as a soldier. A young military surgeon in Chicago named Dr. Carlo Scuderi performed multiple surgeries on Corporal Dole to mend his arm, even though it remained paralyzed the rest of his life. Dr. Scuderi was “Grandpa” to me & my namesake.

Mr. Dole once told my brother Patrick during the filming of “Wordplay”: “You’re gra Save ndfather saved my arm. If I lost my arm I would have been ostracized. My career never would have taken off. I certainly never would have gotten into politics and become Senate Leader.”

They call the World War II generation the “Greatest Generation”; it’s not hard to see why. George Bush and Bob Dole risked their lives to save the country from tyranny and young doctors like my granddad worked tirelessly to get these men back on their feet.

US equity markets lost $775 billion today and they’re closed – properly – in a day of national mourning to the late President.

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