Say a Prayer for Hugo

By | Nov 02, 2018

Say a Prayer for Hugo

Some people are larger than life. Some people are just really tall. Nikolay Shkilev, PhD is both.

Pictured here with my Chicago buddy Jason Cohen (left) and his associate who’s card I already lost. See, there are lots of reasons I’m no longer a professional reporter. Losing busing cards is but one of them.

There are a bunch of cruises tonight but I didn’t get any invites so I’m back at Hugo’s for the 37th time in three days. “Hugo” owns this town  – or he did. Apparently, he is no longer with us after a shady and gruesome recent departure. When you spend 18 hours in the local pubs and cafes in Malta, you start to feel like a local.

I wanna give a shout out to Amour Setter who planned practically this entire event (or at least the important part – the investor part). She wouldn’t let me take her photo until she had her makeup and ballroom gown on for tonight’s gala. So we can see her later.

Henry Wild and Paresh Masani made time to join the band and it was fun to be with them. These guys bring the type of veteran presence a lot of younger teams will require as this business matures and teams grow.

I met the Equi team, too, and there are some high-quality individuals who are about to become giants in the space all working closely on that VC project.

Say a prayer for Hugo.

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