Robert Miller of CoinTelegraph, New York City

By | May 15, 2019

Robert Miller of CoinTelegraph, New York City

Mr. Miller & I have been pals now for over a year. He lives in Paris & does business development for the crypto publication. I’ve told him before & I mean it, I think CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph & The Block are the three most important reads in the digital-asset space. The mainstream media simply doesn’t give blockchain and crypto nearly enough coverage. I remember a year ago a reporter at one of the most prestigious newspapers lamenting that he was “the only one” on this beat. He thought that was crazy, and so do I. Only Bloomberg among heavyweight media outlets does an outstanding job. Fortune and Fortune are admirable but I’m still not clear on their editorial polices over paid ads. Maybe it’s just a scam but i swear I have PR types call me all the time telling me they can get a story in a magazine like those two aforementioned for a charge. I’ve also had people swear up & down that’s not the case, and the simple fact is I don’t know what to believe.

Mr. Miller maintains his company is very clear about what is old-school reporting and what are paid ads, and all I am calling for is clarity.  I have no problem with that business model; it’s not for me to judge, but being crystal clear on the issue is good for everyone without question.

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