Reflections on Year One in Cryptos

By | Oct 30, 2018

Reflections on Year One in Cryptos

Twelve months since my eye-opening, happenstance intro to BTC. Last November, I met wealthy crypto folks by chance and listened. A year later I’m heading to “Blockchain Island” Malta. Three observations:

1 – Preface: I like to remain positive. But I’d be remiss not to mention I’ve met more scammers in one year in blockchain than in two decades of futures trading. Scammers have a short shelf life in my previous calling because it’s a rules-based system with two centuries of regulatory backbone. Just be careful – that’s all.

2 – I’ve never seen people work as hard anywhere as here. It’s absurd. I can assure you bond traders aren’t lazy nor are New York media types. This is different: Stake of Ownership means something. I wouldn’t bet against the work ethic in this nascent industry.

3 – On a personal note, I’m flattered, humbled by the feedback on my writing. I truly feel like I have built a special trust – which I don’t take lightly – with my connections because of my penchant for storytelling. This is fun and I enjoy the bond. Everyday I meet so many fascinating people all over the globe. I’m deeply appreciative many of you are with me on this ride.

Bear markets stink: but I wouldn’t be flying to Malta unless I believed the future is bright.

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