Reason #256: Why I like Linkedin Over Twitter

By | Jan 27, 2019

Reason #256: Why I like Linkedin Over Twitter

There’s this nasty spat on Twitter going on between Ryan Selkis, a crypto blogger, and what he calls this “XRP Army” – in other words, Ripple. Allegedly, Mr. Selkis was physically threatened by members of the Ripple community after negative comments on the coin.

Naturally, I have no way of verifying the allegations.

People need to tone it down on Twitter, which has become a cesspool or acrimony, infighting & belligerence. Whether it’s politics or cryptos, the Twitter community somehow brings out the worst in people; LinkedIn, the best.

As a blogger myself, I do want to offer my unconditional support for Mr. Selkis and his family. I do not know him personally. And I’m calling on the Ripple/XRP leadership team to do a full investigation – with the authorities – to get to the bottom of this.

I’ve written about some sensitive political subjects myself lately and from time to time purposely disable comments; I don’t want something I write to engender, to be brutally candid, hate speech in the comments section.

You see from the Selkis affair why this is a genuine concern.

LinkedIn’s community should embrace debate, dialogue, disagreement – and civility, as it always does. Let’s keep it that way. It’s more productive – and safer that way.

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