Price Action and Adoption

By | Jun 03, 2019

Price Action and Adoption

One of my connections posed a good question to me this morning: Why do you write about price action daily – isn’t that too much. Shouldn’t the focus be more on adoption. I think that was the gist of it. Let’s examine.

Well, first off, I simply enjoy writing. It’s a hobby of sorts. A daily ritual that’s fun and not stressful at all. But aside from the personal aspect of it, I think crypto is a global marketplace with some $250 billion floating around nonstop. Here’s how I look at it: how can you not wanna keep an eye on it every single day.

Look at CNBC, Bloomberg, ESPN. They’re out there every single day reporting on stuff. The business news channels take weekends off but sports shows never stop.

It’s June and NFL Radio will spend 18 hours dissecting the GM vacancy for the NY Jets. For some, that can be a tad too much. I get that. For others, you literally can cover the subject 24/7/365 and it never gets old. For me, crypto falls into that you-can’t-take-your-eye-off-it kind of thing.

I thought about this phrasing: I am not going to say “Crypto will change the world”; that’s so not me. Let me put it this way: “The world is changing – and crypto is a part of those changes in big ways and small.” And I am fixated on every change, big or small, even if there is no change at all.

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