Power Ranking Are All The Rage in Sports

By | Mar 10, 2019

Power Ranking Are All The Rage in Sports

You rank teams, players, fantasy players, coaches, fans, stadium food. How about a Power Ranking for global currencies. Ok, fine. I’ll get it started:

1 – US Dollar

2 – Chinese Yuan

3 – Swiss Sterling

4 – Japanese Yen

5 – Euro

6 – Singapore Dollar

7 – Canadian Dollar

8 – Korean Won

9 – Mexican Peso

10 – Taiwan New Dollar

Quibble about the order; fine. Add Brazil, Russia, Aussie, Kiwi to the Top 10 and omit a few others; no objection. Fast forward to the middle of the pack. Add in a few doozies:

41 – Turkish Lira

42 – Thai Baht

43 – Argentine Peso

67 – Zimbabwe Dollar

68 – The Ringgit Family

136 – Venezuala Bolivar

Where would you insert Bitcoin, the global digital currency. If the criteria is: currencies most likely to be here in 100 years, how would these rankings look, differ. What’s the future of the Sierra Leonean Leone. The Laotian Kip. Uzbek Sum. Care to pour your life savings into the Paraguayan Guarani. Cambodian Riel. Or the Ugandan shilling.🤡

Jeffrey Gundlach, the DoubleLine bond king, says industrialized nations face a sea of debt “as far as the eye can see”. If a currency falters, do you suppose President Trump will craft a good-will bailout. There are no more Plaza Accords. Which currencies will win; which will die.

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