Pointing Fingers is Easy

By | Jan 06, 2019

Pointing Fingers is Easy

Both these guys grew up as kids in Chicago listening to those old awful local carpet ads – “1-800-588-2300 Empire”. Purple shirt converted into a suburban lifestyle outside Minneapolis as a mortgage banker and Dad (and look at his wife Katie – looking great!). The guy in the center was so moved by those crummy Empire TV spots he started a band called Wilco, and kept his name, Jeff Tweedy. Like his buddy Eddie Vedder, Jeff Tweedy is a rock legend and Chicago sports fan though today is not our finest hour after a crippling loss to the Eagles. One positive: Katie & Patrick Doran won tickets to see Tweedy live in LA tonight. As Tweedy sings brilliantly in Wilco’s “White Light”: “You think you might need somebody To pick you up when you drag Don’t lose sight of yourself Don’t let anyone change you back And if the whole world’s singing your songs And all you’re paintings have been hung Just remember what was yours is everyone’s from now on” The field goal kicker for the Bears could probably use a pick me up right about now. Pointing fingers is easy & all-too-convenient. Real leadership isn’t taking the credit: it’s a willingness to take the blame. The flip side of this is what Harry Truman once said: “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.”
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