Perfect Place for Mining Conference

By | Mar 12, 2019

Perfect Place for Mining Conference

If my brother Pat sees this photo he’ll be aghast. “Mike, we’ve talked about proper lighting techniques.” The cinematographer.

I’m at a mining conference in Vancouver and the indescribable beauty of this city is matched only by the warmth of its people.

One of the speakers today was making an elaborate point which I couldn’t comprehend – he mentioned megawatts, and I was lost – saying only two coins in the world met some certain criteria: ZCash & “Cardero”.

I almost raised my hand to correct him because this was the first time all morning I could contribute to the conversation. He meant “Cardano”. Little did I know I’d be having dinner at Cardero restaurant (pictured here) a few hours later. Get the shrimp.

What did I learn today? We’re probably closer to the beginning of bitcoin mining than the end. Like any business, it rolls up to scale. Dilapidated corporate facilities, river-front properties in Almaty, Kazakhstan, are building hundred million-dollar investments.

Say goodbye to college dorm-room operations; say hello to billion-dollar land barons and publicly-traded companies entering the fray.

Sophistication and balance sheets are the norm. Fly-by-night scam shops run by pretenders won’t last. Most are already gone; prosecutors will take out the rest. It’s still early.

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