Paris is Burning, In Case you Hadn’t Heard

By | Dec 05, 2018

Paris is Burning, In Case you Hadn’t Heard

Riots, arson, mass arrests. People are unhappy. They want more. They blame the state: this includes the police, army, banks, media, universities.

You can’t put your finger on what (mostly) angry young men want but apparently it’s safe to say the “status quo” is not it.

My thesis to why digital assets are likely in my opinion to have a future on this planet can be neatly summed up by looking at the spirited & angry protestors in Paris. I suspect it won’t be France, but in some countries the political center will not hold. Things Fall Apart, Chinua Achebe once wrote.

Central banks and elected leaders will lose control of their currencies and economies. This has already happened in Caracas. It’s happening in Tehran. Paris has seen far worse attacks on their civilization and held; this time will be no different. What about Lagos. Islamabad. Mexico City.

When the central banks implode, where will people turn to buy basic amenities and food. If you don’t think this can happen in Europe, recall the Weimar Republic. You better believe states can disintegrate, and when they do the citizens on the run will put every nickel they have into a safe-have currency they can access. There are no dollars for sale in Tehran. But there is Bitcoin.

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