Outliers in the Bearish Market

By | Feb 02, 2019

Outliers in the Bearish Market

When I started writing about cryptos a year ago, I had all kinds of grandiose notions of illuminating crowds about all kinds of exciting crypto things – big & small. But then a not-so-funny thing happened: the market collapsed and virtually every coin went into a vicious bear market. Worse, correlations among most coins to Bitcoin or Ethereum were more or less 1:1. It didn’t really matter what you owned; they all suffered.

But there are outliers to the good & the not-so-good, and let’s take a look at two such coins or tokens this week. To the bright side, you have Holo (Hot), up almost 30% for the week and hands down the best coin among the Top 50 this week. Holo has had the hot hand all year. From Wiki: “Holo fuel is the crypto-credit that the users receive for their hosting services. Holo fuel is backed by a shared computing power between hosts that makes the network valuable.” There’s that word “network” again – keeps popping up all over. What else? Wiki: “This concept has removed the problem of scalability on blockchains, where every node had to update its record on a public network. Since each node has its own blockchain, therefore, no data is lost when a node goes offline.” Meantime, Dentacoin – blockchain for dentistry – has plunged 65% in 2 days. Perhaps a crown too far.

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