Only Constant is Change

By | Jun 01, 2019

Only Constant is Change

The world has changed a lot in the 30 years since Tiananmen Square. Or has it.

The Soviet Union disappeared six months after this photo was taken; but in a roundabout fashion Russia is still needling its neighbors like it has for centuries. Look at poor Ukraine.

China is still a one-party state with tight control over their proletariat. The elite in China made a fortune since this infamous shot became world famous; but for the other billion souls, many making the long march from rural areas to overwrought cities in seek of jobs – some 30,000 per day – daily life is much the same, as a generation of one-child wrestles with reality.

Back home, our economy is still the strongest but our appetite for foreign involvement is at all-time lows. Two decades of war will do that to you. A populist is in power here as socialists and their virtual ilk have returned to power in France and elsewhere. Universal basic income is gaining momentum among the likes of firebrand Alexandria 0casio-Cortez & billionaire hedge-fund manager Ray Dalio. Strange bedfellows, indeed. As the Circle of Life spins round and round faster yet again.

The only constant is change as Moore’s Law revs up with an uncontrollable fury. Climates change. Money is changing. What else portends as 2049 beckons before us all.

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