Number 2 Coin in the World Rallies Sharply

By | Jan 30, 2019

Number 2 Coin in the World Rallies Sharply

We tease my Mom for how she refers to grade-school female friends. You’d have their family names, their married names, and then sometimes their second husband and/or widowed-husband names. So that’s how you’d get her casual “Jeannie Turtolot-Zimner-Spachman” references from time to time. Not to be confused of course with Mary Anne Spencer-Delaney-Bittman”.

So is it XRP or Ripple? Ripple-XRP? XRP-Ripple? Let’s try this: “The world’s number two digital asset – insert name here – rallied sharply today, posting an impressive 12% gain in one of the strongest one-day rallies of 2019.” That’s the ticket.

The gain today in the coin-with-no-name is roughly $1.5 billion in wealth creation. On a stand-alone basis this would catapult a new coin into the Top 10. I can tell you there a 3,000 or 4,000 alt-coins that would give an arm and a leg to be a nameless, faceless Top 10 utility-security-token-coin; ah, look how we’ve come full circle.

The unspoken mystery of the world’s number 2 crypto is – you guessed it – the root of the name game: is it a security? Utility? And more to the point: do they have a SEC problem for calling themselves a utility token but having raised capital under the guise of a security. Or is it the other way around? What’s in a name? Better yet: “what’s” in your wallet?

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