Nothing Should Come as a Surprise in Cryptos

By | Jan 05, 2019

Nothing Should Come as a Surprise in Cryptos

I’ve seen some incredibly wacky stuff in the short time I’ve been in this space – but one recent trend has caught me off guard: there is no shortage of brand new digital-assets coming to market.

Which prompts a question: if you’re kicking off in 2019 an ICO/STO/ICCO/ITO (I know; this is getting absurd), have you:

A. Lost your mind B. Just woken up from a 14-month coma? C. Lost your mind and just woken up from a 14-month coma? D. Taken a vow of poverty E. Watched “Lost in America” with Albert Brooks and decided – why not us, honey?

And still: they keep coming. One by one. Novel blockchain businesses looking to raise capital, launch a product, chase a dream.

Ironically (or maybe not), this year’s class looks more sophisticated, better capitalized, militant on rules, increasingly prepared.

How will the results be any different?

McKinsey, the consulting powerhouse, concluded recently in a report that few blockchains in existence function properly. Do we have reason to believe this crop can change that? The optimism is there, the confidence – even swagger – is visible; but can any of these teams deliver a winning formula?

It’s abundantly clear capital has gone missing. Do these folks have a secret BTC ATM no one else knows about?

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