Nothing Beats a Good Game Session

By | Apr 08, 2019

Nothing Beats a Good Game Session

We always played games growing up as kids: Boggle, Risk, Clue. Any number of card games. You name it; we played it. My brother eventually made a movie about The New York Times crossword puzzle, for crying out loud. So I constantly play these random, meaningless games in my head. One of them is “Top 10 Cryptos”. And it’s absolutely vital, I’ve determined, that all the top 10 crypto be real coins. In other words, no stablecoins.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like stablecoins. They’re fine; they’re just kinda boring. I mean, in a healthy ecosystem, all top coins would be coins that generate alpha and have upside.

Stable coins like Tether serve a purpose, but most of them are about as exciting as organizing your sock drawer. They don’t move in value, which is tedious; they can serve as a store of value, which is enormously helpful in a market as volatile as digital assets; especially if you don’t have access to US dollars or other G7 currencies.

TRON is knocking on the door of taking over the number 10 spot, and bouncing Tether – at least for now – out of the top 10. This is exciting, in my mindgames. It’s a sign of the health of the burgeoning space. I wouldn’t call it a miracle or a lifesaver, but it’s one of those quiet signs of a market that’s slowly healing.

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