Never Ending Battle Between 3 Bitcoin Camps

By | Apr 12, 2019

Never Ending Battle Between 3 Bitcoin Camps

The family of bitcoin is still reeling from not one – but two – bitter divorces. It’s like the Bleacher Report article about Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and former head coach Mike McCarthy; things reportedly went off the rails when coach told player to make amends with his mother. #GameOver

You have three bitcoin camps: one the Maximalists; two the Bitcoin Cash-Roger Ver renegades; and finally the SV-Craig Wright squad – dubbed Faketoshi by the pretend grownups. It’s nasty on all sides.

The Maximalists rejoiced recently when CZ of Binance went on a tirade against Craig Wright, an Australian purporting to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the progenitor of bitcoin. Enough of this “I am Satoshi garbage”, CZ decried. Or Binance will “delist” SV. This is mean. The schoolyard bully is reminding everyone all roads run through his exchange. Play nice in my sandbox – or better yet, find a new sandbox. Ver, plus prognosticators and many commentators are piling on; it’s a mess. Like with sports, you need a scapegoat. The not-so-subtle message: the price of the mothership would be higher if anarchists hadn’t blow this up. But that’s a sophomoric, weak argument: markets decide. The internecine battles are disgraceful, pointless. An exchange should never pick sides. Be aware of people talking up positions.

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