Most Problems Are Fixable

By | Feb 02, 2019

Most Problems Are Fixable

“It was supposed to say ‘Spinal Tap and Puppet Show”, exclaimed the much-chagrined ICO Dharma Bum.

Six months ago fears engulfed the ICO/STO/ITO/ICCO space (no, I’m not making this up) that Big Bad Regulators would ruin a swell thing. No need to worry anymore – buyers have vanished so swiftly, so suddenly the car is simply coasting down the mountain without any gas. New projects are eagerly hoisting their fresh new wares (tokens, coins, thing-a-ma-jings) onto exchanges, which pop up endlessly in the dead of the night, and the silence is deafening: no bids, no offers, no working orders, no transactions, no customers, no consolation.

Of course it’s fixable – most problems are – but of course not unless there’s dramatic change. You can’t bring a corpse or carcass to a free-market system & expect a friendly bailout. You need to stand out. You’re competing in the same talent show as former high flyers ETH, EOS, NEO & the other former rock stars. Who remembers the Lost Barge of Trash from the ’80s that couldn’t find a port to dump their stuff. That’s kind of the image we have before us now: literally hundreds if not thousands of projects queuing – hoping, praying for an exit ramp. Early investors panicking; the bounty-airdrop crowd cursing “Admin!”. Even the Puppeteer feels slighted.

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