Modest Pullback in Crypto Market

By | Jun 03, 2019

Modest Pullback in Crypto Market

A modest pullback to start the week as only 4 of the Top 20 coins are in positive territory – XRP, Bitcoin SV, Cosmos, & Ethereum Classic. There’s still a shockingly high correlation between bitcoin & every-coin-in-the-world-not-named-bitcoin so when you see a few coins or tokens swimming up stream, so to speak, you make note of it.

My friend from Europe sent me an article that also caught my eye over the weekend. Visa applicants to the US will now need to fork over social media handles as part of their formal application process. You wanna see Mickey or Mini Mouse at Disney – show us your Instagram & Facebook accounts first, the State Department is declaring.

Privacy; yeah, it’s a thing. How much is too much. Who deserves to see what, own what, keep, charge for what. These are issues that will be before courts & judges for decades.  At some point, this will get written into the Constitution – personal data is inviolable – but until then it will be the Wild, Wild West of NSA, Alexa, & every other Tom, Dick & Harry listening in on your apps, phone calls & text messages.

The Encryption Wars have only just begun. And of course this will extend to currencies and money.

FWIW, I am fine with the State Dept.’s probing of social media accounts; sorry, national security is paramount.

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