Marketcap Comparisons

By | Jun 03, 2019

Marketcap Comparisons

Top Ten Market Caps in the world as of March 31, 2019 Source: Wiki

1 Microsoft $904,860 billion

2 Apple Inc $895,670 billion

3 Amazon $874,710 billion

4 Alphabet Inc. $818,160 billion

5 Berkshire Hathaway $493,750 billion

6 Facebook $475,730 billion

7 Alibaba Group $472,940 billion

8 Tencent $440,980 billion

9 Johnson & Johnson $372,230

10 ExxonMobil $342,170 billion

Market cap today of all 2,216 cryptos on CoinMarketCap: $276,772 billion

I’m not sure where that figure would place this “conglomerate” overall, but as you can see digital assets are roughly $65 billion from the Top 10. Oh, and I get it: these aren’t really market caps because these may or may not be stocks. Yeah, yeah, yeah; I hear ya. But that’s real money being spent by real people on a grand idea. I mean, that’s the score – right now (using somewhat stale Wiki data). Of course, the score will change over time; it always does: in 2008, PetroChina was 2nd in the world and Gazprom was #4. Oh wait, do you mean oil and gas is less valuable on a comparative basis than it was 11 years ago; how can it be. Indeed, markets value and de-value assets all the time. We don’t know what all-the-crypto-in-the-world will be worth in the future; nor do we scarcely know what price tech or banks will fetch, either.

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