Malta with Four of the Finest Folks

By | Nov 01, 2018

Malta with Four of the Finest Folks

You won’t find four finer folks than this group here. We stood in a light rain in Malta for 45 minutes swapping tales of woe & war stories. What an afternoon.

Here you have from left to right serial entrepreneur Simon Rikmenspoel, Dubai attorney and board advisor Irina H., New York fund manager NINA KAPLAN, and “ethical” marketer David Lofts, who works on projects with a social-good emphasis.

Ms. Heaver is spearheading a Dubai Task Force focused on rooting out ICO scams. She works with industry insiders & regulators hand in hand to identity & ban bad guys. We need more leadership like this in the space – way to go Irina.

The conference is packed and the mood is upbeat as the general theme is investor dollars are resurfacing once again. Every single deal now offers equity as part of any transaction and coins are seen as “call options”, or lottery tickets.

I continue to be deeply impressed by the talent in blockchain – and the commitment and dedication. These aren’t wild-eyed teenagers trying to cause a revolution. These are business executives with decades of experience advancing a new technology with a view to a better world.

There’s no Snoop Dogg this week but the after parties should be fun nonetheless. This is a long way to travel for work but it’s been worth it.

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