Malta Day One. In a Word: Optimism

By | Nov 02, 2018

Malta Day One. In a Word: Optimism

I didn’t hear a single person all day complain about the price of BTC. This is bizarre.

In sports, they talk about adherence to “process”. Don’t worry about the score, don’t think about winning or losing. Play hard every down.

I’m seeing that in cryptos. I must’ve heard 10 projects tell me: “Our coin is down 90% but we’re not too worried about it. We understand what metrics matter & we are highly confident if we reach those objectives, our coin will find significant value.”

Confident – not cocky. Big difference.

No Lambos. No Victoria Secret’s models, dude. Just a strong desire to win. A vision. A plan.

I guess the epic dinner we had tonight was at “Santini’s” not “Santorini’s” – you know, like Sonny from The Godfather & not the Greek isle. Regardless, go there when in Malta. I promise you’ll enjoy it.

I cannot promise you alt-coins will ever rally but I’m starting to believe some of them warrant more than a half-arsed glance.

You might keep in mind Red Hat just got bought for about a gazillion times earnings (131x) – and purposefully reflect on the implications of such pricing on small coins, with bona fide revenue, trading for a few mere pennies. Not advice. DYOR.

Just consider: 24-hour trading of startups is a brave new phenomenon.

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